The Places We Can Go

by Ann Suzuki

“The places we can go” is a hopeful memory and reimagining of joy and normalcy during quarantine. With shelter-in-place orders and travel bans, most of us are adjusting to life limited to the capacity of our homes. However, to re-incorporate the feel of travel and a normal “daily routine”, I decided to construct something that symbolizes movement and happiness for me, the interior of a train in the corner of my room, built as if it is meant to be there. Trains have always brought me nostalgia; whether it’s listening to the conductor’s announcements, watching the cliche window scenes, or hearing the surprisingly catchy train jingles, trains remind me of all my memories and nostalgia from visiting Japan. Because I originally wanted to create a project that focused on building a set or interactive scene, I decided that the train was the best symbol to incorporate my original plan as trains have the ability to take you to places close and far. I wanted this train to metaphorically take me on a journey from within my own room.