Slower Than Traffic

by Alexander Romanovsky


In my film, Slower than Traffic the main character, a rock, wakes up to the same views everyday in a desert. The only thing that changes in his life is weather. And it’s not a pleasant sight. From sub zero winters to the scorching dry summers, the rock’s misfortunes are a never-ending misery. Until one day a tourist finds him and sacks him in his trunk. The rock, full of hope and joy, is driven to a new hell called LA traffic. Offering the same weather and views, the rock is stuck yet again.

In this synopsis, below are work in progress renders. Eventually this will be a minute long short film. In these 30 seconds the audience will understand the rock’s frustrations and they will see what kind of weather it has to endure. Since this is my first computer generated project, I am going to focus on the weather elements of my film. Specifically snow, rain and dust simulations. I plan on using computer graphics to showcase this kind of film. I want to shoot it as if it were stop motion, so I am going to put lots of effort into making sure I can capture stop motion aesthetics through the computer’s lens.

main stage
main character in snow