My Start-Up Venture

by Radha Shah

Frosnaco is a start-up company I launched with my friend in January of this year. The company aims to serve unique speciality snack foods that are extremely difficult to find in the U.S. market. We have been working tirelessly on getting our first product to launch. I took it upon myself to fully design the website and packaging for the company and ultimately wanted it to be my senior capstone project as it will be something I continue to work on after I graduate. I designed the logo and established the graphic elements and layout for the website. I illustrated the front and back cover for the packaging of our first product, as well as for a possible future product. I wanted to get more things done within the quarter such as the brand book and some various marketing material. However, the timeframe was too short and I did not want to rush.

For this reason, I found the goal of this project during the quarter was to understand my workflow and efficiency when designing. I realize how often I jump back and forth, and when I took on such a big project, this was something I wanted to account for in the future when I take on client work. Since the beginning of class, I had been experimenting with the design in many various ways, and unable to settle or focus on one structure. My process has gone through a lot of trial and error, and could continue until I am finally happy with my end result. However, I found tracking my steps and noting the ways I steer off from my main focus will help me move faster in future projects.

Below is my first draft in the first 3-4 weeks of class. I realized I had not done enough research on web design trends, because I noticed how this look was outdated and the style is actually quite common. As you see above, I took the site a completely different direction after this.