by Jieun Lee

This is a speculative advertisement for a Korean traditional alcoholic beverage: 막걸리 (Makgeolli). There is the identity of my hometown and a tradition of my country's alcohol in this project. The theme is "water + traditional." The water is not only the most important feature in the brewing process, but also the symbol of my hometown -YP, where the brewery located. The tradition is one big feature of this alcoholic beverage. As traditional, there are Korean factors in this project like dance and clothes. Another important concept of this project is "modern vs. Traditional." Throughout the black and white composition, it looks like a modern video. Even though Makgeolli is a representative beverage of the older generation, it might be appealed to the younger generation as well. The music and other factors of this video are blended with traditional and Orientalism, but also still combining with a modern feeling.

The title MULsori is directly translated to water-sound. There are Mulsori-Gil(s) (Mulsori-roads) in YP, and one of them is beside 두물머리 (Dumulmeori), which is the river in this video, the way to go there. Since there are many creeks and rivers in YP, it is possible to hear water flow sound while people walk on the Mulsori-Gil. The theme of this video is all from YP, so the title comes from YP as well.