Movement: Gay Maps of My Ephemeral LA

by Dylan Berzabal

Growing up, I always felt lost.

In a familiar story for many gay youth, I dreamt of leaving the loneliness of my rural hometown to start life over in a city. In the four years since moving to Los Angeles, it has given me great amounts of joy and pain. My past self would have never imagined me now, exploring not just who I am but who I want to be, in a part of my identity I’ve repressed for so long. Yet I still feel simultaneously suffocated and all alone in this sprawling city, attempting to navigate its urban form, its gay culture, and my own struggles as a twenty-two year old on the verge of adulthood.

“Movement” is a publication that documents my navigation of Los Angeles’ gay culture and history, coalescing these threads to create a framework that informs my identity and experience as a young gay man. Through text, images, anecdotes both historical and personal, it reveals an ever-changing, deeply complicated but humanizing reflection of my identity and relationship I have with this city I now call home.