YARYN – McQueen (Official Video)

by Jessica Borchardt

The official video for "McQueen" portrays a woman's twisted struggle against herself, and explores themes of body image, abusive relationships, and trauma.

The piece "speaks to a kind of feminine darkness– a soft that hurts" through a mix of gentle and violent imagery.


Jessica and Yaryn began dreaming up the music video for McQueen in January of 2020. They planned during the three months following.

“McQueen” was shot entirely on a Sony RX100 camera over the course of 6 days in April.

The footage was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects over the course of several months. It went through many iterations and rounds of critique until its release on July 24th, 2020 12:00 PST.

Special thanks to:

Yaryn Choi, the artist who created the song “McQueen”, this piece would obviously not exist without her powerful song and devotion to this project. Listen to her music here.

Angel Cabral, who was present at every shoot, even the ones with a 4AM call time, providing his generous help and high spirits. This would not have been possible without him.

Sarah Rara, Jessica’s professor during this course, who provided extremely insightful tips on the entire production and post-production process, as well as much needed encouragement.

Erin Cooney, the TA for this course, who was always there to ask the right questions during critiques and cheer Jessica on throughout the quarter.

DMA Class of 2020 Students, the bright young designers that provided support and shared their knowledge with Jessica throughout her four years at UCLA.

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