In Conversation

by Eli Rae

In Conversation Project is a series of interviews from artists during the COVID-19 pandemic on how they redefined creativity during isolation. Changes interactions from "in isolation" to "in conversation."

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced us to stay in our homes. Globally, we are all experiencing a pandemic and something traumatic in our lives that everyone else is simultaneously experiencing. Staying in and the inability to complete creative tasks as I have in the past, I began to question how I would feel creative again. My mental health was rocky and with this outbreak has forced any creative endeavors to a halt. You would have to creatively think outside of the box to think of new ideas - something that for myself, felt like a large feat. I noticed a lot of creatives I follow changing their work habits and the outbreak testing them mentally.

This is when I wanted the ability to reach out to them in some way. I created "In Conversation Project" as a means to get inspired by those around me. I reached out to artists, photographers, musicians, and clothing designers for an interview and asked what they are doing during this time, what has changed, what aspects of change they would like to preserve, but more importantly, ask how they are mentally. By this, not only did I get inspired myself, but I was able to make close connections to artists who I admire. I never would have gotten as easy of a way to engage with these artists whom I look up to if it had not been for this extra "time off."

In this project, I wrote interview questions, researched the artist, and recorded the interview. All interviews were recorded via FaceTime since there is no contact allowed, but this worked in my favor since I was easily able to arrange an interview with someone across the globe, such as Adison Clark who is isolating all the way in Birmingham, UK. I edited the interviews myself and coded myself as well.

I continue to have more interviews coming and I am still editing interviews I recently had as I type this out. I have been fortunate to establish relationships with these artists who are excited about this project and helping me interact with other artists. So this project will continue to update - and I hope you continue to come and visit the site / instagram!

By Eli Rae Flores