For a Black Girl Making Things

by Ariel Mengistu

For A Black Girl Making Things is a personal manifesto addressing my art and design processes as a Black Woman. Through observing the works of Black Women artists, this project addresses the world’s perceptions of what a Black Woman artist is and what work made by a person with this identity means or looks like. This manifesto stands as a guide for myself and others who may be able to relate to it. In this book I reflect on one of my past works, A Wall of Hair, and interview the following artists: Lydienne Albertoe, Kya Lou, Serana Angelista Playing Indigo, and T.J. Dedeaux-Norris. I would like to give special thanks to these amazing artists who shared their thoughts with me and helped me develop my own values as an artist. I would also like to thank Willem Henri Lucas & Berfin Ataman for their patience and guidance, Jamie Gonzalez for her constant encouragement and advice, Mismak Tadesse, Samson Mengistu & Elone Mengistu for their continued love and support, and Nia McClinton & Mai-Lin Graves for their friendship and critiques. <3

Please follow this link for a PDF of the full book.
Making Things is About Considering Others
Making Things is About Taking Up Space
Making Things is About Being Critical
Making Things is About Learning From Those Who Came Before You
Making Things is About Having Fun