Fiji Stories

by Divya Narayan

Fiji Stories is a personal project consisting of interviews and videos of my relatives and their lives from Fiji. It remains an ongoing project, meant to document and branch forth from stories already told.

I am an IndoFijian and a first generation American. I believe ethnicity and the way your parents were brought up essentially become a part of who you are. Stories are an important part in passing down life experiences and background. By creating this project I wanted to have a way to hold onto these stories and be able to share them. I broke down different aspect of life, such as memories, lifestyles and background info in hopes of painting a picture of what life was like as an IndoFijian.

As of right now, I have short segments focused on history, day-to-day and memories. I hope to expand it to include other relatives who I have spoken to as well as expand on more ideas and stories.

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