Days Dark

by Michael Luo

Days Dark is a hand-drawn 2D adventure game that takes an experimental approach to the traditional idea of a walking simulator. Set in an alternative rural China, the game is inspired by the Scar Literature rooted in contemporary Chinese history. Oppression, exploitation, countless cycles of death and rebirth experienced by the people of the land carry an insufferable weight. The same weight this game tries to deliver. What decades of pain and hardship brings is in no way fully represented in this game, instead, this game only tries to shed a glimmer of light on what millions of people went through.

Designed, illustrated & scripted by Michael Luo with Unity.

Special thanks to Lin Qiang (Audio), Fesliyan Studios (Audio), and the UCLA Game Lab

You can DOWNLOAD the build for PC and MAC. Alternatively, you can play the game online by clicking the button below. (WebGL doesn’t work great on MAC)

It was just a laugh…