Looking In / Looking Out

This show is the culminating work of UCLA’s Design Media Arts class of 2020. Here, we explore it what means to look, watch, monitor, and surveil ourselves and others, both looking outside at our surroundings during the current circumstances, and looking in on current and past personal reflections. Today, screens act as digital windows into the world. Here, we use this metaphor of windows as allusion to our physical confinement, to allow you to peer into the lives of a diverse group of artists, all experiencing the same situation across the world.

As the class of 2020, we are experiencing the end of our time at UCLA differently than previous students. As artists, we find ourselves in a situation where we are challenged to explore our artistic endeavors with the materials we have at home: old laptops, spotty internet, and little privacy. This time reminds us all of how fortunate we were to have the wonderful resources UCLA had to offer, but it also reminds us of something bigger. At UCLA, we experienced support from so many of the faculty and staff. Now, we are spreading this network of support across the world, creating pieces from homes near our campus in Los Angeles, places further away in cities across the country, and even some international homes from as far as South Korea. As a class, we dedicate this show to all of those who have impacted our time at UCLA, and continue to help us grow, no matter how many miles separate us.

This project would not be the same without the active committee members who assisted in creating this show. We extend our gratitude to Katie McNeish, the exhibition chair and a fellow graduate in the class of 2020 in UCLA’s Design Media Arts program, for leading the design, web development, and curation of this online show as her capstone project.  We also thank our professors and teaching assistants for their time and dedication by holding online classes and distance meetings in support of our projects. And finally, we dedicate this show to those who have helped us grow when we were together, and extend a special thanks in particular to:

Theo Triantafyllidis, Sarah Rara, Willem Henri Lucas, Berfin Ataman, Erin Cooney, Hirad Sab, Chandler McWilliams , Lauren McCarthy, Israel Gutierrez, Alan Wood, Jonathan Cecil, Eddo Stern, Rebeca Méndez, Peter Lunenfeld, Casey Reas, Refik Anadol, Lars Müller, Madeline Isakson, Maru Garcia, Elí Jotiva, Graham Akins, Zeynep Abes, the UCLA Game Lab, Alex Rickett, Tyler Stefanich, Noa Kaplan, Dalena Tran, Jackie Turpin, Alvaro Azcarraga, Michael DongHye Kim, Christian Moellerm, Paul Mendoza, Chris Kim, Owen Weitzel, Rachel Tu, Nick Crockett, Sam Malabre, our parents, and the class of 2020.